Dr. Longoria,

What an amazing year this been.  It was a little over a year ago that I came into your office a
mess of broken teeth and scarred face.  I remember you telling me that everything would be
fine and you assured me things would look close to normal again.  Honestly, I was not sure
what to think.  I had broken off two upper front teeth and lost completely another tooth right
next to those.  I have enclosed a picture in case you can't remember.... Anyway, I just
completed the implant process and received some amazing looking crowns.  What a
difference a year makes.  My smile could not be better and my teeth look and feel amazing.  
Nothing like I expected at all.  Thank you so much for spending the time you did with me and
always keeping me looking ahead to a great smile.

Matt H.
Dr. Longoria,

Thanks a million times over!  How you have treated me may seem normal to you but it has
not been my "normal" experience! I feel so full with the way you have extended yourself
to my case and essentially me.  It's as if I've been wrapped inside and out  in a giant hug.  I
feel valued and cared for.  I pray God's hand be on you, your family, and your practice.

Jeanne C.
Dr. Longoria and Kim, Mendi, Fusae, and Staff,

Thanks for the great care for myself and hubby Jim this past year!!  We really appreciate
Patricia M.
Thank  you  for your expert care, continued unselfish help, and recent generosity.   
Dear Dr. Longoria and Cute Staff,

I just wanted to thank you for all the hard work you spent on me yesterday...... you worked
hard and overtime and my teeth are awesome.  I can't stop looking at them.  I look as if
I'm  a snob now because I keep looking at myself ......Ha, Ha!  Anyway you guys are
great!!    Thanks Dr. Longoria.

Dear Dr. Longoria,

I am fortunate to have you as my dentist.  Thank you for your expert professional care and
kindness (Mendi and your office staff included).

Sincerely Judy Z.
Hi from Paulette Burpo,

Most important for me is expressing my appreciation and
gratitude to Dr. Longoria and his gracious staff.  The cosmetic CEREC
dentistry eliminated the pain in my teeth, face, jaw and in some of my neck
area.  Having the procedure completed by Dr. Longoria was well worth the
cost when I consider his expertisein CEREC dentistry and how much more
you gain in appearance, self-esteem, and confidence.  Dr. Longoria has a
passion for making new teeth that is evident in the smiles worn by his
patients.  Dr. Longoria is one of the most compassionate, caring, patient, and
perceptive dentists I have ever met.  I'm telling everyone about the changes
Dr. Longoria has made in my appearance which has given me a more
positive outlook on life.  Dr. Longoria's entire professional staffs' dedication
to him is obvious.  Their professional skills and outgoing and gregarious
personalities make you feel at ease from the moment you walk in the office.  I
give Dr. Longoria and his staff a "Five Star" plus rating. Thank you Dr.
Longoria for giving me beautiful new teeth and a remarkable new smile that
reflects the more enthusiastic and self-assured person I have become.

Paulette Rene Burpo
A Caring General Family Practice
Steve Longoria, DDS
1568 Creekside Drive, Suite 205
Folsom, CA  (916) 983-2900